Presentation Package

Are you going for a meeting with the client and want to present different models of mugs and decoration techniques - the Presentation Package will be perfect.



What is that?

This is a smart black case with 9 different models of cups, presenting all available ways of decoration.

In the case of a product such as a mug, the catalog itself or an internet photo is not enough. We want to feel whether the cup is heavy or light, does is fit in your hand, does it have a comfortable grip, etc. In the Presentation Package you will find examples of cups made of different materials: Super White porcelain, New Bone China porcelain or stoneware, so you can check what are the differences between different types of ceramics. The package contains examples of various glazes from the basic offer as well as according to a specific Pantone color. We also show the possibility of using real gold and platinum, ceramic and organic decal decorations, edge painting, engraving and magic print.
In the Presentation Package there is a leaflet describing all the basic expressions about ceramics and our current Catalogs. Our catalogs, like every year, have a double cover and can quickly become your catalog - just take the first cover off and put your data on the last page.


How to get a Presentation Package?

Write to our sales department - we will send the parcel with the Package to the address indicated for only 12 euro.

The Presentation Package is indispensable if you want to present a wide range of Mart Ceramic mugs to the client in a reliable and professional way.

Presentation Package