Emalia 300ml

Emalia 300ml

Retro enamel mug - 300 ml
Light, durable, functional and hygienic.
A must-have for camping and a trip around the world, coffee at home tastes equally delicious. We will also prepare our favorite herbs in it, heat the milk, serve the soup, bake Brownie.
Enamel mugs can be successfully used on all types of hobs, including induction and an oven. Can be used on an open fire. Enamel mugs are resistant to washing at high temperatures, including dishwashers.

High resistance to scratching, abrasion and UV radiation.
Enamel is acid-resistant, does not absorb odors and flavors, does not react with food ingredients, ensuring healthy cooking, also for children and allergy sufferers.
Enameled dishes perfectly conduct and keep heat.

We would like to inform you that sales of enamelled mugs on Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, German, Austria and Switzerland markets is made by our partner Munder Email. Please contact them for prices and complete offer https://www.muender-email.com/

Kapazität - 300 ml
Usable capacity - 300 ml
Höhe - 75 mm
Diameter - 90/75mm
Gewichtung - 150 g

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